Supporting Our Nation One Community at a Time

Joining Community Forces - Missoula Region expands on the national inititive "Joining Forces" campaign by focusing attention on community-level efforts to support Service members, Military Families and Veterans.


Chairman, Missoula Vet Center - Brian Becker
Co Chair -  Anton Johnson-
 Co Chair - Roy Savage 
Secretary -   Shannon Nobles


Outreach/Education Committee

 We are looking for someone to replace Roy Savage as the Outreach Chair -
For more info - click here

      "Providing essential education and community resources for veterans, active military and their families."

 Roy Savage - Chair
John Angwin - Treasurer

Events Committee

We are actively looking for a chair for the events committee
Please contact Roy Savage 406-493-2530 if you interested

Current Events Committee Personnel:

Chair - "Currently Open"
Event Coordinating -
Volunteers and Vendors - Roy Savage
Service Providers - Shannon Noble


What are Community Forces?

Community Forces focus the efforts of local providers with a common goal: to strengthen the local military community. Because Community Forces work in communities around the country, they are uniquely positioned to find and consolidate the best local resources, and that means providing better and faster assistance to Service members, Military families, and veterans when they need it.

What are Inter-Service Family Assistance Committees (ISFACs)?

An Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) is a voluntary military cooperative partnership at regional or state level organized to provide a comprehensive view of the needs of Service members, Military families and veterans within their specific locations and to recommend solutions from the resources of that community.


  • Strengthen state Inter-Service Family Assistance Committees (ISFACs)
  • Foster a sustainable network of local support
  • Facilitate governmental/non-governmental, non-profit, corporate partners and local citizen collaboration
  • Fill service and information gaps


A community centric solution developed through collaboration whereby national, regional, state, and local entities partner and exponentially impact support to the veterans, Service members, and Families.


Maximize the impact of community resources (civilian and military) to veterans, Military members and Families in order to build resilience and foster a community network that is both sustainable and relevant.